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About Mikro

Welcome to MIKRO 🙂

Our edibles help you gauge the exact dose you need for your ideal cannabis experience – you get the same effect, every single time.

Have you ever…

  • Experienced the perfect high and wished there was a way you could recreate this vibe every single time?
  • OR Gotten too high to function at work / a social event the next day?
  • Taken too high a dose of CBD without gradually building up your tolerance and found you experienced unusually dry mouth, low blood pressure, lethargy, lightheadedness, diarrhoea, or drowsiness?
  • Wished there was a way to know your exact limit of comfort with cannabis?

Well, today you might just be in luck.


As legalization opened up doors for free recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis,

We saw new demand rise in that unique segment of regular, non-heavy users who simply want to have a consistently pleasant experience with cannabis.

And of course, we stepped into fill this gap and that’s how MIKRO was born.

Our Mission Statement

To help everyday users like you have a consistently positive experience every time you use cannabis.

  • Without getting too high to function…
  • Without getting to levels that trigger anxious or paranoid thoughts…
  • Without feeling lost on how much exactly you should take to experience your desired therapeutic and recreational benefits…


You discover your unique personal limit for enjoying an amazing time with cannabis every time, because gummies are probably the easiest way to track your perfect dose.

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