CBD Gummies for Pain

Many people use CBD gummies because they believe that CBD may help to relieve pain. These edibles allow you to get your daily dose of CBD in a delicious way. But before you use CBD, you might want to check with your doctor. 

What Are the Effects of CBD?

More research is still needed to determine if CBD can work well for reliving chronic pain. There are more than 120 compounds in the cannabis plant, and CBD is one of them. Unlike other types of cannabinoids, like THC, CBD will not give you a psychoactive effect. That is because there are different receptors for each type.

Your body has an endocannabinoid system that translates and receives signals from the cannabinoids. On its own, the system produces some cannabinoids. It is thought that this system helps your body maintain equilibrium by regulating the immune system and sleep. 

You will likely feel high when you use a product that contains THC because of how it affects your receptors. It can activate the reward system in your brain, which helps you feel pleasure. On the other hand, CBD is a completely different substance. The effects are often complicated. While it will not change the state of your mind, it can influence you to use your endocannabinoids efficiently. 

The way that CBD works is by either inhibiting or activating compounds that are in your body’s system. For example, anandamide is associated with how pain is regulated. CBD might prevent the body from absorbing this compound. When there is more anandamide in the bloodstream and less in other areas of the body, you might not feel as much pain.

About CBD Edibles

Many cannabis plants, such as marijuana and hemp, have different amounts of compounds in them. In addition, different growing methods can affect the amount of CBD in plants. In general, the CBD in gummies is from industrial-grade hemp, which has more CBD than the marijuana plant.

There are different methods used to extract the CBD. Then, it can be added to different types of edibles. You can also find different strengths of the product. While you will want to talk to your doctor before starting it, you can use different strengths for different effects.

Potential Benefits

CBD has been used for centuries to try to treat many different types of pain. However, the community has begun to study the substance only in the past few years. If offers many potential benefits.

Potential Benefits

Chronic Arthritis Pain

A 2015 study examined whether CBD might help people who have arthritis with managing their pain. The researchers applied a topical gel with CBD in it on rats who had arthritis. They found that the rats did not have as much pain or inflammation after using the CBD product.

Pain from Multiple Sclerosis

This is an autoimmune condition that affects the entire nervous system. Some patients may have muscle spasms, which is a common symptom. They are so great that they can cause pain.

A 2017 study looked at how CBD might help to prevent the number of spasms that patients feel. Some people reported that after using CBD, they did not notice as many spasms. More research is needed.

Chronic Pain

Someone may have chronic pain for many reasons. In the same report, the researchers looked at several reviews of various trials and studies of CBD. This report determined that there is evidence that cannabis may help alleviate chronic pain for adults. 

Another study also corroborates this research. It suggests that both inflammation and pain can be reduced with the help of CBD. According to the report, the subjects would likely not begin to tolerate CBD. That meant that they would not need to constantly increase the dosage. The researchers concluded that CBD edibles may help with chronic pain.

Dosing CBD

There is little to no official guidelines for how much CBD to take. That means that your dosage can be interpreted. You should be cautious when deciding how much to take. You will want to talk to your doctor because it may interact with some prescription medications. For example, it may impact the way that your liver metabolizes medications.

It can even interact with over-the-counter supplements. Medications that warn you against using grapefruit should be used with extreme caution. It is not known what effect combining these medications with CBD will have on your body.

Your doctor will most likely want to monitor you as you are using CBD edibles. That way, they can see if there are any changes — both positive and negative. If necessary, they can help you adjust your dosage.

Some aspects of CBD have not been studied in sufficient detail yet. That includes the potential long-term impact on your hormones. In the future, long-term studies may help with determining the side effects of CBD. 

Dosing CBD

Other CBD Considerations

Currently, the evidence on CBD for chronic pain is from adult studies. There have not been enough studies done on children. That is why many experts do not recommend using CBD edibles for children. It is not yet known how CBD may affect a child’s brain, which is still developing.

However, there is a type of medication for seizures that is made from CBD. That is approved for children who are at least 2 years of age and have epilepsy. If you think your child may need to use CBD, then you will want to talk to your child’s doctor first. It is best to avoid using CBD while you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Closing Thoughts

Many studies have suggested that CBD may help to manage pain. But more research is still necessary, especially with human subjects. However, there is potential when using CBD gummies. In many cases, CBD may even help with chronic pain. 

Because it is not intoxicating, CBD’s potential is very promising. It may even have a lower potential for side effects than certain types of medications. Remember to talk to your doctor before beginning to use gummies.

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