The Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies

The cannabis plant has several active ingredients, including CBD (cannabidiol). Because it is a component of marijuana, cannabidiol has remained a controversial substance in some circles. However, some studies suggest that CBD may improve certain health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, pain, skin conditions, anxiety, and insomnia. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. This means that it will not make you high. Although it doesn’t intoxicate you, CBD reportedly can provide some healing when it’s used properly. You can take CBD in various forms, such as oils and capsules, but a tastier way to do so is in the form of CBD edibles. Many food items are included in the large collection of edibles, including CBD gummies

Combining Gummies and CBD 

Gummy bears are soft, chewy jelly candies that usually come in fruity flavors. These candies were created by a confectioner named Hans Riegel, Sr. in Bonn, Germany. The main ingredient he used was gum Arabic. Riegel was inspired by the trained bears at local fairs. 

The gummy candy family has grown significantly since then. Now, there are gummy candies in the form of octopuses, worms, rainbow, snakes, fruits, fish, lobsters, rainbows, and various cartoon characters. Just recently, gummy candies have been adopted by the cannabis industry and infused with CBD.

CBD gummies are portable, convenient, colorful, tasty, and fun. They are said to be one of the most popular CBD edibles on a global scale. CBD gummies do not contain THC, so they will not intoxicate you, and they are, reportedly, nonaddictive. 

The Legal Aspect 

The Legal Aspect 

In the United States, the legality of ingesting CBD edibles varies from state to state. 

As far as the Drug Enforcement Administration is concerned, your CBD gummies are a form of CBD, which is a Schedule 1 drug. To the DEA, all forms of CBD are drugs that have a huge potential for misuse. 

It got even more confusing when the U.S. FDA approved the Epidiolex oral solution. This is a form of medication for treating seizure episodes associated with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Epidiolex is given to patients as young as 2 years old patients. Because of its effectiveness in treating a rare type of epilepsy, it has been categorized as a Schedule 5 drug, which has the lowest probability for abuse and addiction. 

The Farm Bill, also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, legalized CBD use. Since CBD is a derivative of hemp, it contains very little THC. Even so, CBD is still a product obtained from the marijuana plant, which is still illegal. According to the Farm Bill, if the CBD is from hemp that is grown by a licensed grower according to the set regulations of the bill, it is legal. 

Despite the legal push by the Farm Bill, CBD from hemp is only legal to ingest. It cannot be marketed or sold as a supplement or an edible without FDA approval. This is counterintuitive because the CBD here is a product of hemp. 

As you can see, consuming your CBD gummies is illegal and legal at the same time because of uncertain regulations. Although various states have already legalized CBD edibles, they still have specific laws about consuming CBD-infused beverages and foods. So, it is prudent to study your state’s laws on CBD before eating your CBD gummies.

The Dosage

Studies suggest that edibles, including CBD gummies, take more time to show results. Yet the effects of eating edibles last longer than other known forms of CBD. The duration of the effects depends on the dosage and concentration of CBD in the edible. It may sound complicated, but in CBD gummies, it is simple. One gummy is one serving. Base the number of gummies you eat on the label of the package. Most CBD gummies are available in bottles with dosage labels. Their dosage range is 5 milligrams to 100 milligrams. 

CBD Gummies Are Not Drugs

CBD Gummies Are Not Drugs

Many still think that CBD is a drug. It is not.

Contrary to what many believe, CBD is not categorized as an over-the-counter drug or a prescription drug. It is viewed as a natural, plant-based remedy. Because of the extremely low THC content in CBD, it is not classified in a group alongside marijuana or marijuana products.

Essentially, the CBD gummies you have are not drugs.

CBD Gummies for a Good Night’s Sleep

Inadequate sleep should not be taken lightly, yet many Americans suffer from it as a result of various sleep disorders, such as insomnia. The quickest way to correct this problem is to go to the nearest pharmacy and get a bottle of sleeping pills. These sleep aids work for most people, but it’s never ideal to be dependent on a drug just to achieve a restful slumber. That is partly why CBD gummies are becoming even more in demand.

According to recent studies, CBD gummies assist in treating sleeping problems, including insomnia. Taken on its own, CBD oil tastes bitter. There are patients who cannot take it orally because of the bitterness. Because of this, CBD gummies are indispensable. The sweet, fruity taste of these gummies allows people with narcolepsy and insomnia to take CBD oil.

Take note that though CBD gummies are referred to as natural remedies, they still need to be taken in appropriate doses to be effective for sleep. The time and dosage of CBD gummy administration depend on the cause of your insomnia, your weight, and other factors. Like other individualized treatment plans, the dose of CBD gummies should be based on the person with the sleeping issue. What works for your friend might not be effective for you. The dosage for CBD gummies may range from 25 milligrams to 2,000 milligrams daily. Still, it is always ideal to start using any form of CBD in low doses. You can then increase your dose gradually as your body starts adapting to CBD.

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

CBD gummies target three types of anxiety disorders — general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic anxiety disorder.

General anxiety is always present in the person, and it doesn’t take anything to trigger this condition at all.

Social anxiety disorder prevents the individual from staying clearheaded and interacting with others.

Panic anxiety disorder causes involuntary outbursts in affected people when there is heightened stress and anxiety. Episodes are also known as panic attacks, usually rendering the person incapable of thinking straight, seeing well, or making sound decisions.

According to some studies, you can give a person CBD gummies during their episodes to help prevent their anxiety from lasting longer and getting even worse.

Studies suggest that CBD connects with your brain’s receptors that control behaviors related to fear and anxiety. Specific research shows that cannabidiol can reduce anxiety triggered by public speaking in patients suffering from a social phobia.

In specific doses, CBD gummies reportedly reduce the anxiety some people feel when they speak in front of an audience. This study is promising, yet there is no research on long-term CBD gummy dosing for anxiety.

CBD Gummies for Pain

Significant research efforts also show that CBD topicals and edibles can relieve certain types of pain. Edible forms of CBD have also been reported to bind with fat in the body. Because of this interaction, CBD oil may be stored in the fat, which may make it more effective at relieving pain than other types of CBD ingestion. 

Based on recent research, CBD gummies may help treat chronic pain. Reportedly, CBD interacts with the brain’s vanilloid receptors to ease pain and swelling in various parts of the body. This brings a lot of benefits for individuals who suffer from long-term pain and nerve disorders, such as fibromyalgia.

You may just take CBD gummies for pain the same way you take them for anxiety. Just pop a few in your mouth when you feel some minor aches and pains. Take note that you may not experience full relief if you just take one gummy. It is always best to ingest a low dose and then gradually increase it until you achieve comfort.

According to research, CBD gummies also act as pain preventatives.

CBD Gummies for Better Digestion

CBD Gummies for Better Digestion

According to studies, if you’re undergoing cancer treatments, CBD gummies may support your digestion by relieving your nausea and increasing your appetite. Intense nausea and a lack of appetite keep the body from getting the right amount of nutrients to recover from cancer treatments. With the help of CBD products, cancer patients might have a better chance of recuperating.

On the other hand, if you are a healthy individual, CBD gummies may help keep your cravings steady because they also contain vitamins B12, D3, and D. These vital nutrients are absorbed by your body through your digestive system. This pathway is quick, easy, and potent.

Safety in Eating CBD Gummies

There is still more research required to clarify the right dosage and full potency of CBD gummies. Studies suggest that elevated doses are required for the gummies and other CBD forms to be highly effective.

It is best for you to look for credible sources of CBD gummies. There are still shops out there that label their products with “CBD” but the CBD edibles they sell don’t really contain the compound. Organizations such as the FDA have discovered that these products have detrimental additives instead.

If you are currently taking other prescription medications, it is best to tell your doctor that you plan to take CBD gummies beforehand. There may be hazardous interactions as your body’s enzymes metabolize your medications. Also, note the possible side effects of CBD gummies, such as tiredness and diarrhea.

Effectiveness of CBD Gummies

Because you ingest CBD gummies, it may take up to half an hour before you feel the effects. The gummies need to be digested first before the CBD components are released into your system at a gradual pace. Once they are, expect the effects to last for about four to five hours.

Homemade CBD Gummies Recipe

Homemade CBD Gummies Recipe

This is possibly the easiest CBD gummy recipe you can make in the privacy of your own kitchen. It doesn’t take a long list of ingredients and steps. You just need to determine the right dose for your gummies.

If you want a specific dosage from your homemade CBD gummies, you should know the amount of CBD each gummy will give you. Take the amount of CBD you want to put into each gummy and multiply it by the number of gummies you will make. The resulting value will be the total amount of CBD you must incorporate into the recipe. Here is an example:

You want each gummy to have 5 milligrams of CBD. Your recipe makes about 50 gummies.

5 milligrams x 50 = 250 milligrams of CBD

In this recipe, a CBD oil concentration of 50 milligrams per milliliter is used. To achieve 250 milligrams of CBD, you need 5 milliliters of the CBD oil.

This CBD gummy recipe makes about 50 gummies in all. They will be the size of the popular, commercialized gummy bears in candy stores. You can acquire the molds from baking supply shops.

What you need:

  • 1 tablespoon of sweetener
  • 1 package or half a cup of your preferred flavor of powdered gelatin 
  • 2 milliliters of 50-milligrams-per-milliliter CBD oil
  • 1½ cups of fruit juice or coconut water
  • Whisk
  • Silicone bear molds
  • Squeeze bottle

How you make it:

  1. In a saucepan, heat your fruit juice or coconut water over low heat. Remember not to boil the liquid because high temperatures could destroy the terpenes in the CBD and change the way it tastes.
  2. Add in the sweetener you prefer. Whisk gently to dissolve it completely. 
  3. Once the liquid is hot, add in the gelatin gradually as you whisk. Aim for a uniform mixture. 
  4. Add in the CBD oil and whisk gently to distribute it evenly into the gelatin mixture.
  5. Once the gelatin has dissolved completely, pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle. Squeeze enough of the mixture into each compartment of the mold. 
  6. Chill your filled molds until they set. 
  7. Enjoy and reap the effects of your homemade CBD gummies

What’s your experience with CBD gummies? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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